Sunday, June 3, 2012

Or have bread and circuses eaten everyone's brain?

Lately, there’s been much discourse over the “constitutionality” of what’s been euphemistically named “Obamacare” and it’s apparent requirement that religious organizations and church-related operations provide insurance services that run counter to the beliefs and practices of the employing organizations’ religious orthodoxy. That’s not all—the Defense of  Marriage Act, which limits the institution of marriage to one man and one woman has been struck down in a federal court as having been “unconstitutional”. Some bloggers, have charged that the Constitution itself is at fault—that it’s anti-christian. This is not true. 

The Constitution isn't religious or anti-religious--it's basically an enunciation of the very limited powers of the federal government to control or "govern" individual citizens, leaving the bulk of governing to the individual states according to the needs/desires of the voters/taxpayers. In this way, citizens who find the manner in which their state legislators solve the problems of their state to be somehow deficient, can vote them out, or remove them via referendum. That many people choose to live an immoral, or atheistic life is between them and God. Unfortunately, far too few people have actually read or studied the US Constitution--and don't really know just what it says. Such people think the federal government actually has far more powers than those granted by the people or the states via the Constitution. It's not for the state or federal government to judge or punish sins. That right and power is exclusively God's. We each choose the path that we walk, and only God can fairly judge us. 

One HUGE problem as I see it, is that the federal government has been grabbing more and more power since the Civil War, and we—as a people--have never really opposed it. Mostly, I think, due to the fact that average Americans aren't now, nor have they ever been paying attention to what's going on in the Federal Government or how it interfaces with them . Originally, I think most Americans had a little too much faith in their elected officials, and being busy with operating farms and other small businesses, let our government govern itself. The government wasn't really bothering them, and, there was no instant access to information as we enjoy today. A newspaper, if a daily rather than a weekly, was still slow to receive dispatches from what’s now called “The Beltway”. Later, as inventions such as radio and television developed and brought a little more immediacy to current events and political developments, people were able to gain a little more insight into what their elected officials were up to—but really remained in the dark about some of the more sinister workings of both houses of congress as well as the white house. 

Today, thanks to the internet, we enjoy up-to-the-minute access to info on what’s up in The Beltway as well as the the world at large. Radio talkshow hosts use the web to research topics for daily interactive discussion with listeners. Blogsites and newsgroups cover every political, scientific, social development with discussion pro and con among their readers. How can anyone in modern society not see what’s been going on? Well, boys and girls, that’s easy to explain. The average American listens to music on the radio, rather than talk shows, if they go online it's to watch sports or other entertainment, ditto television. Entertainment seems to have eaten the average American’s brain. To Wit:

 6 months ago, our Dear Leader announced that he has the legal right to order the execution of Americans, without trial, and that only he and Atty General Eric Holder know what secret law so empowers him. He and Holder refuse to disclose the law, for reasons that should be obvious. New Year's Eve, while most Americans were drinking and drugging and whoring, Dear Leader signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which empowers him to order the military (not the US Marshall's Service) to arrest and detain--INDEFINITELY--any American citizen that the prez SUSPECTS of being a terrorist or having ties to terrorists or terrorism (Bill Ayers and HIS friends excepted, of course). Citizens so detained will face no charges, no judge or prosecutor, nor must any charge be proven against them. They may be held until the prez orders them to be executed, I suppose. While Obama did state that he would "...never detain any US citizen indefinitely..." he failed to point out that at his request, Congress is working on the "Enemy Expatriation Act", whereby the prez will give himself the authority to rescind the US citizenship of anyone SUSPECTED of being a terrorist or having ties to terrorists or terrorism (Bill Ayers and HIS friends again excepted, of course). That way, once detained by the military, one could have his citizenship revoked, thereby making him NOT a US citizen, enabling Dear Leader to hold him indefinitely without violating his "solemn" vow.

On March 16 of this year, Dear Leader issued an Executive Order entitled NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS--an amended versions of a 1950's vintage EO intended to enable the govt to take necessary steps to recover from a nuclear attack. In this newly-amended document, the govt has the authority to seize all food (in the field, in the warehouse, in the grocery store or in your house), as well as all agricultural equipment, all water--potable or not, all fuel, whether used for heating, transportation or cooking, all vehicles, all medications and medical devices in time of emergency OR NON-EMERGENCY. Bad time to be a "prepper", I guess.

February of 2010, the Dept of the Army created a training manual (INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS FM 3-39.40) for US troops instructing them on how to intern large numbers of US citizens, for, among other things, "reeducation". This was only very recently (and VERY temporarily) available for download by civilians. It should still be searchable on the web. Re-education camps aren’t new. The last time I read of such camps was right after the communists of North Vietnam took over South Vietnam. After killing everyone in the south observed to wear eyeglasses, the communists then hunted down and killed all people identified as having been teachers. The rest of the people of the south were interned in “Re-education Camps”, to introduce them to the “new way of thinking”. All told, some 7.5 million people were killed in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia following the communist takeover.

 All of this against the backdrop of his producing a completely false birth certificate, a forged Selective Service Card and using a Social Security number said to have been issued to someone born in 1895. Truth be told, we don't even know if Obama is his real name. Never mind where he was born, just who the hell IS this guy? What are his true intentions? Has he destroyed the economy through incompetence, or according to plan? Is our new perceived weakness throughout the world what happens when na├»ve,  liberal rose-colored glasses meet night vision scopes of our old cold war enemies, or is there some other reason? Why has he agreed to dismantle the bulk of our nuclear weapons, as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran increase their stockpiles? Russia’s Vladimir Putin threatened to attack any missile defense system we agreed to install in NATO member countries to keep Iran from nuking the world. Dear Leader’s response? “"This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility." And, lest we forget, Dear Leader just handed over a number of islands in an oil-rich region off the coast of Alaska to HIS apparently dear friend, Vladimir Putin.


If only these subjects had been addressed on "Dancing with the Stars", or "American Idol" or even "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?", the average American might have expressed sufficient outrage to their Congress critters, introducing THEM to a “new way of thinking…FREEDOM”, possibly heading some of this off...
At this point, it's probably too late to turn any of this around.

See you all at the FEMA camp!

ADDENDUM: In the weeks following this initial posting, the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 460 million rounds of .40 cal hollowpoint ammunition, along with over 200 million rounds of 5.56 NATO. Per the Geneva Convention, hollowpoint ammunition may not be used against enemy soldiers in wartime. These are clearly intended for use against civilians...

Note to reader: Don't take my word--or any other blogger's word for anything--you should search the web (via Google, Yahoo, Bing or other engines) for each of these subjects, and read for yourself what the truth of the situation is. Better hurry, though-discussions of limiting our free access to the internet have already begun in The Beltway...